Beginning Try out Work out : Full body Sculpting Beginner
Warm Up                                                                               Duration
1. Arm Circles                                                                     ( 45ses)
2. High Knees ( March in Place)                                          ( 45 ses)
3. Jog in place                                                                    ( 1.5 mins)
4. Jumping Jacks                                                                 ( 40secs)
Modified: No Jump raise arms and legs  
5. Marching Knee to Elbow                                                (30secs)
6. Marching Knee to Elbow with Skip                                 (30secs)
7. Jump Torso Turn                                                             (30secs)
8 Front Kicks                                                                       (30secs per leg)


  1. Neck Strech
  2. Lunges Right leg - left leg
  3. Arm Stretch   Right arm - left arm
  4. Stand Up touch toes
  5. Calf Stretch Right leg - left leg
  6. Bolistic Stretching

7.   Sit Down Touch Toes
                                      Begin Work Out                                             Repeat

1. Walk out into planks- Return to Standing- Reach up                         5 times
2. Basic Planks                                                                                       30 secs Hold
3. Alternating Leg lift plank                                                                    30 secs
30 sec water break- stretching- running in place-  Repeat set
4. Basic Squats                                                                                       30secs
5. Hold Squat- Back Leg Extention One Side                                          30secs per side
6. Standing squats- balance one leg- side leg raise                              30secs per side
Modify: On Knees Side leg raise on Ground.               

30 sec water break -or- stretching -or-running in place-Repeat set

7. Basic Plank position- Alternating Arm Raise                                          30secs
8. Bicycles                                                                                                 30secs 
9. Laying Down leg raises alternating leg                                                 30secs
Modify: Advance: Both leg raise and lower at the same time.
10. Superman  or Crunches                                                                       30secs
Finish Stretch  Cool Down  5mins
1. Neck Stretch
2. Leg Strech- touch toes- sit down
3 Back Strech
4. Ab Stretch   All Done!!!!!!!!!!!



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