The Program

Keith was abused and suffered the sorrows of a broken home. He was finally abandoned by his mother and taken in by his grandmother, at the age of six years old. Keith moves from the slums of Chicago to Delaware, in the suburban of Bear and befriends Jade Matthews.

The friendship started out close, falling in the category of adopted family hood. The friendship turns ugly when Jade begins to develop feelings of jealousy of Keith’s determination and focus. Jade’s hate for Keith begins to consume him and he finds himself doing all he can to stand in Keith’s way of happiness. Keith has always had a love for Stephanie Brooks, which Jade purposely steals her away by dating her in college just to keep Keith away.

The two still find their love and way back to each other, but their union is threatened when Jade’s hatred is resurfaced when he learns that Keith has found happiness in Stephanie and is getting married. Jade decides to do all he can to keep the couple from getting married, even if that means killing him or her…Keith decides to do all he can.