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We will be Adding Skin Care to Our List of Services Soon.

We are available for Weddings in salon and Out of location- Consulting is Required. 

Our Extensive Treatment List is Currently available in Store only. 

Add Organic to any service and add $10.00 this means we will shampoo your hair with an organic shampoo and condioner and use all organic styling products.  



Current Pricing 2020
Shampoo Only $12.00&up  
Shampoo and our Best Conditioner $19.00&up  
Blowdry $40.00&up  
HairCuts $15.00&up  
Precision Cut $25.00&up  
Trims $10.00&up  
Roller sets Sets $45.00& up  
Designer Sets $45.00&up  
Strawsets $55.00&up  
Wraps $40.00&up Silk wrap $55.00 &up
Locks Start Locking Process $67.00&up Interlocking $150.00&up
(comb or twist)    

Lock Maintenance (palm roll)

$65.00&up Interlocking $87.00&up
Sisterlocks Consultation Needed  




Full Mizani



$65.00&up -




$55.00&up -
Influence $62.00&up -
Human Hair $25.00/hr $135.00 - $160.00&up  
(Scale based on 6hrs of braiding)    
Synthetic Hair$30.00/Hr $160.00 - $200.00&up  
(Scale based on 6hrs of braiding)    
Conrows/w hair $65.00&up  
NaturalHair $40.00&up  
Conrows Designs $10.00&up (additional to style)  
Weaves  Full Sew in $125.00&up Glue in/Cap $95.00&up
Color ( Ask about our Vegan Color options additional $10)
Semi $25.00&up  
Permanent $35.00&up  
GreyCoverage Demi Color $35.00&up  
Frosting/Foils $45.00&up  
Misc $45.00&up  
Curls/Perms $60.00&up  
Ponytails $40.00& up  
Crimp Styles $45.00&up  


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