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HaircareGetting your hair serviced in a salon is a great comfortable and relaxing experience that should not be neglected, but having the ability to care for your hair in between services can help make your salon experience  a more enjoyable experience.  Damaged hair is very difficult to style whether you are a professional or not.  Hair that contains split -end damage will not hold curl and will appear limp and choppy.  Please take advantage of these techniques when you are unable to get to your salon.

1. Condition hair with a strengthener– these conditioners can be distinguished by an application of vitamins in the ingredients or it will instruct you to leave on for 15 minutes or more with an application of heat. 

2. Use techniques such as wrapping, and roller setting to extend the life of your style (Remember your hair won’t look like you walk out of the salon the next morning unless you’ve serviced your hair before lying down.)

3. Did you forget to wear your satin cap or use your satin pillow cases.  Cotton acts as an absorbent that will deprive the hair. of its natural oils and cause the hair to lose it curl.  African American hair generally is dry,.

 If your hair is damaged and you are experiencing shedding, or extreme breakage your moisture content is lower.  You can not cure this with grease.  Grease is a lubricant used only to add shine.  Leave in conditioners also mimic many hair dressings.  PCA moisture retainer by Dudley is an excellent tool to use to help increase the moisture content in the hair.  Depending on your level of dryness you may need to apply in Morning or night before you style, set, or wrap 3 to 5 times a week. 

If your hair is breaking or shedding excessively Apply more than a dime amount, this also depends on the density of your hair.  AD&E is its complement hair dressing.  This product is light and will not way the hair down or suffocate the follicle if you don’t apply much.

Remember that products build up on the hair and scalp, so you may think that you have not put enough on but you have.  Your hair did not get In its condition over night, and it will take the same amount of time to heal. So it is not necessary to bog the hair down with products thinking it will affect the hair greatly over night.  Look forward for your condition to worsen before it gets better.  Apply the AD&E on the hair 2-3 times to scalp.  The two products work together to help combat against dryness and breakage.  If you want to add additional shine you may use conditioning oil sheen.  Try not to depend on your oil sheen to much for it contains alcohol, which will also contribute to drying out the hair. 

We carry a line of Dudley products needed for hair maintenance. Men Also may take advantage of using Hair Care products to strength and moisturize

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Caring for your locks may prove to be difficult because of the many myths that govern lock history.  To supersede the myth Locks are hair too.  You must care for you locks the same way you would if your hair were straight.  Applying conditioners on a regular basis is important.  Make sure to use moisturizer conditioners to combat against dryness.  The lock style is generally dry by nature, so do not expect to see silky locks.  Be aware of whether your locks are brittle, for this will account for thinning locks and breakage.  Coloring locks is fun and gives a great personality boost. So don’t be afraid to try new things, because you may color hair almost any color without causing damage if colored properly. 
The use of head warps and scarf's add more personality and style to your tresses, but do not get in the habit of wearing them all of the time.  Smothering the follicle can cause your hair to thin especially in the front around your hair line.  You may protect your locks at night by sleeping on a satin pillow case or wearing a satin cap.  This will help protect your hair from dryness.  Remember cotton is an absorbent and will suck the remaining moisture and life out of your hair. 
Don’t be afraid to style: rod, or updos. They are always options to extenuate your natural beauty. 

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Starting locks is a serious commitment.  It does not take place over night.  If you want to achieve healthy beautiful looking locks you need to follow these simple steps. 

  1. Expect you hair to completely lock in 1yr or more. 
  2. Your hair needs to be all natural no Relaxers, curl, or texturizers.  ( some texturizers may be acceptable depending on how much coarseness is left in the hair. 
  3. Start your twist single or double strand depending on length professionally. 
  4. No Shampooing, for at least the first 3 months there are anti-itch treatment your stylist can use before he/she retwist.
  5. Make sure you are retwisting at least once a month to keep them separated. 
  6. Expect them to be some what frizzy depending on texture.  This frizz can be removed once the hair is completely locked.  Removing frizz beforemay cause your tresses to thin out, which can lead to breakage. 
  7. Once your hair is locked you should see your professional stylist at least once a month in order to receive a strengthening conditioner, and retwist. 

These styles are unique and many people are not familiar with lock care so be careful of the following. 

  1. Using beez wax is acceptable, but beware of companies that produce products that are too thick.  Black beez wax is not good for it is too think and sticky.  This product builds is the hair and leaves a residue that is almost impossible to remove.  Look to use more oil based products. 
  2. Using Lime or lemon juices do not help your hair lock faster.  It is important that your hair is dry in in its first stages, but it will not speed up the process, only your texture.  The more coarse the faster your hair will lock. Less coarse to fine hair will lock the slowest. 
  3. Your hair has various textures in it and will account for your hair  to lock more slowly in certain areas such as the nape, front hair line, and crown.  Don’t worry it will lock.
  4. Caring for your scalp is also important, Always apply a hair dressing to your scalp to combat against dryness.  Especially if you have issues with dandruff, for dandruff treatment leave the scalp and hair dry. 

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