New Boundaries - Services

Photography- models will go through a backstage style photo shoot learning how to work with the photographer, following instructions, and getting good photographs in less takes.

Acting- Each event show will be formatted under play based setting.  Models that excel in this field will be selected to star in the event show play.  Models will learn how to perform monologues, plays, and screen acting in preparation.  Models will be able to put this to life on stage in the event show play.

Modeling- Being a model is hard work and takes a great deal of practice.  Everyone wants to be in front and reign as the next Tyra Banks , Heidi Klum, or Gisele.  Being able to be beautiful even when it hurts and is most uncomfortable is apart of professionalism, and experience and simply practice.  Setting yourself aside from your everyday self and surroundings and becoming the Michael Jordan of your field.  Models are just supposed to make it look easy.  Models will learn to walk, work in uncomfortable conditions, understanding long working hours.

Finally you are finished training and should feel confident enough to put everything you have learned in placed and work the stage!!

Photo Shoots Only

    • Consultation to develop look 4 different look creations
    • Complete Make up and Hair by professional cosmetologist
    • 6 professional pictures ( 8x10) for portfolio
    • Photo placed on web site for booking for 1 year of service to model.
    • Photos forwarded to 3 top New York modeling agency for review and booking.

    Cost: $1000.00


    In addition to training, models will go through a 6 week jumpstart fitness session.  Models will work out with a personal trainer military style and gather strength, discipline, and a healthy physique.  Each session will range 1 hour twice a week. 

    Look good, Feel Good and Vice Versa.